Ellen de Fockert

Project: IA: The Center for urban void // IST: Wandering mind

IA: The Center for urban void This center around the Saint Joseph Artisan church in Paris is created by the metaphorical and literal relationship between the concepts emptiness and memories. The reinterpretation of the church translates these concepts in space and density, and engages the spatial perception of the visitor, which are enhanced by performances in art, dance, poetry, theater and music. IST: Wandering mind Standing in the cell, the visitor experiences a moment of perception of a person with dementia: a random sequence of links and disconnections from past, present to an undefined future.

Thesis: Shaping memory, the possibilities of emptiness

This study describes the phenomena of emptiness and memory in relation to architecture and the city, in which architecture from the past, present and future are a synthesis, and where the perception of people is most important.