Aegir Thordarson

Project: Chronicles of Igor

In a parallel universe is a planet called the World. It is in many ways similar to the earth we live on, only there, lives a boy named Igor. As a kid Igor is super energetic, running around and climbing up everything possible to climb. This results in multiple trips to the hospital with a crack on his head or a broken limb. It also results in splendid stories to tell his friends later. Igor has a vivid imagination and often loses the sense of what is imaginary and what is real. As he grows up his imagination becomes darker, at times turning against him. He deals with these darker emotions through making music with his two best friends Thomas and Emma. The Chronicles of Igor are the coming of age story which passes through sex, drugs, hospitals and of course, rock and roll.

Thesis: Rock & Roll: A non-violent revolution

The non intended influence Rock & Roll had on human history.

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design
Nominee Department Award

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