Aime Yoshikawa


My work consists of installations, sculptures, moving sculptures, interactive pieces, drawings and etchings. The intentions within the works vary with each piece ranging from my interest in mechanisms, motors, techniques to personal stories, findings and interpretations. A common threat within my work is movement. I tend to use moving objects that imply movement and suggest the viewer to interact with the piece. Works that need audience's participation in order to function. Different techniques, experimentation within materials, daily life, literature, memories, sounds, magic, youtube, movies, images, science and physics are important pieces of inspiration in my work. I want to create and be able to transform my ideas in some type of visual, moving, interactive language and to be able to relate with people in a non-verbal way.

Thesis: Art-Science

My thesis is about the relationship of art and science. I research how the arts could benefit from this collaboration and vice versa. What is there to gain from this marriage and what new works and results are there to be found.

Bachelor Fine Arts

Full Time

Part Time


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