Alexandra Martens Serrano

Project: A Shiver of the Mind

She suddenly forgot what space looked like. And the slant and the curve, the size and the shape, were suddenly beyond any other bend and form she ever knew. The boundaries between the mental and physical are explored where material form and space converge with immaterial time and recollection. The scenes combine intricate drawings diverse in medium, sculptures composed of conventional yet cryptic objects and spaces that hint at invisible dimensions.

Thesis: Stories Not Yet Governed by the Primacy of Reason

A exploration of Art as a grammar of Magic. The proposal of Art as the last contemporary platform in which uncertainty and fascination is still capable of surviving openly and striving towards a change of perception through the alteration of the mind. It is not the eye that sees, but the mind. In a certain present we see what we are taught, but what happens when we are reset to a different description of the world?

Bachelor Fine Arts

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