Andrea Kizua Nyanga

Project: Facticius

FACTICIUS is a fetishized self-portrait. The animistic sculptures also function as a form of worship for their creator. The two sculptures embody her personality as both man and woman. KEYEZUA’s roots in Dutch and Angolan culture, play an important role in her choices for FACTICIUS. KEYEZUA mixes Dutch and African fabrics, creating a fusion of contemporary and traditional motifs, questioning heritage. Although fetish sculptures are typically symbolic, KEYEZUA breaks this barrier by making FACTICIUS aesthetically strong enough to demand existence outside of their original context.

Thesis: Writing from a country called Europe

An African artist can only break Africa’s epidemic of stigma and prejudice image in the media when artists break the silence in African art and expand their indigenous stories with expressionism art.  

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design

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