Andrea Roelofse

Project: Vacant

- Interior Architecture - 'Vacant' The void and openness of the abandoned Old Church of Dunlewey strengthens the experience of the Irish landscape by contrasting and framing it. This experience will recur in multiple places throughout the landscape with minimalistic architectural interventions. Together, these form a cultural park where art can be created and exposed amidst the vacant landscape. - Individual Study Traject - 'Identity within universality' In today’s Western society there is a tendency to replace products when they are no longer flawless. Because of this strive for ‘perfection,’ potential character and identity gets lost. My product has a perfect hermetic shape when purchased but will only become functional when its shape is broken. As every person will create different fractures, the product will get its own, unique identity.

Thesis: How culture shapes identity

During my internship in Tokyo I became fascinated by how Japanese mentality and culture reflected in the design of my direct surroundings. Using daily products from HEMA and MUJI, I did a case study to demonstrate what this identity of the Dutch and Japanese design is based on and how these characteristics reflect in the popular contemporary architecture of both countries.