Angela de Weijer

Earwitness Objects by Angela de Weijer

Project: Infinity Three - Earwitness Objects

Earwitness Objects is the third product of my research into infinite sound. It is an experience which discloses the principle of sound absorbing matter to the public. A strict procedure, following optimal conditions, is neccesary to keep the objects inside soundpoofed crates unpolluted. During exhibition, the artist will run a very limited number of procedures in between regeneration times to introduce the objects and to initiate the listener. The schedule will be announced at the exhibition space.

Thesis: Introducing infinite sound, a new concept in artistic scientific research and sonic perception.

This research aims to introduce and establish the notion of infinite sound as a model to expand sonic perception and imagination through the contemporary framework it provides in the field of sound studies. Infinite sound is a possibility space for the future. Who knows what is happening at the threshold of the audible and inaudible? Listen closer.

  • Earwitness Objects by Angela de Weijer