Anissa Casarella

Project: Origin and Destination: 0

The project Origin and Destination: 0 is a continuation of my thesis. As a person we are small. We are part of nature. We cannot control nature and things bigger than ourselves. We, as human beings, are moving in the wrong direction. It is time to re-evaluate our norms, values, systems, needs, and so on. I organized five events in which people gathered around chosen and made objects that were used as metaphors to engage discussion and reflection on the redefinition of human nature and purpose, life and death. There is nothing to improve, nothing to add, nothing to subtract. We only see and act accordingly.

Thesis: The Art of Drowning

I wonder if graphic designers in their constant search for the best way to communicate a message are not more susceptible to rediscover the complexity of human beings and their uniqueness. Man Know Thyself Life is an engagement accompanied with an early spiritual education; the realization that the warm cocoon had become a prison and how I escaped from it. The Banality of Evil How an individual can fall asleep and forget about his conscience when placed in a group and what these consequences are Each of us is responsible and I more than any other. What it means to be responsible for everything that has ever happened and is happening, trying to improve the world, the unrecoverable innocence. What it means to be a graphic designer and if that is a desirable thing to be.