Anke Schoenmaker

Project: Centre for Art Participation

The saint gerulphus church in drongen complements the existing art scene in Gent with a participatory art programme. A path through and around the church, on different levels, forms a guideline for viewing, experiencing and participating in art. on a series of platforms, the visitor is invited to experience art in a new way.

Seeking for Privacy
with the arrival of the internet, social media and the increasing use of mobile phones, our need for privacy is increasing, but instead it is being increasingly compromised. By means of an instrument, I aim to restrict the field of sensory perception in order to create space for privacy within the public sphere.

Thesis: Between Spaces

Gap spaces in the city fabric occur where a predetermined function has not yet been ascribed. Their function is dependent on the surrounding elements and thereby constantly subject to change. The task of giving a meaningful function to these spaces is left to the creativity of its users. In a society with established rules, these in-between spaces give the user the freedom to interpretation and expression.