Anna de Vries

Project: The sun will not wait for us to make up our minds

I make films and collages. I film my surroundings while floating through theatrical mass events and metropols, like Tokyo. The energy I chase visits virtual animals, passing airplanes and new love. What happens when the energy doesn't give the things the attention they need? How do the things fill up their waiting and avoid getting bored? Inside the schools cinema space (pass the mirror hallway and up the metal stairs!) a film program will be screened. 'Alternate between The Ashen and The Inexguishable' takes you through three hot summer weeks in Japan. '-)A.))1' discovers spacey situations and 'Frans & Ellis' is a portrait of a mentally challenged couple who wonder what to do that day. Collages will be shown on the second floor inside the fine arts department. When I was younger humans where attached to each other. People had two heads, four arms and four legs. Also other situations were like couples. I saw Botticelli's Venus standing on a satallite dish, feeling perfectly at home. But on a funny day god was bored and decided to split things up. Ever since the things are looking for their perfect better half. In my collages I organize reunions for them.

Thesis: I am bored

During a trip to Japan, the vegetables in the supermarked talked to me, flickering lights made my eyes go blind and songs I heard existed out of refrains only. Why does this full landscape make me empty and bored?

Bachelor Fine Arts

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