Anna Mala

Project: Fold back, fold out

Anna’s graduation collection is based on a futuristic vision, in which clothing is an equal opponent to the body. The designs itself are then a result of an interaction between the two, playing with a tension between hard and rigid as opposed to soft and sensual. Experimental in form and use of innovative materials, such as silicone or plexiglass, the collection is exploring new ways of interpreting classical shapes.

Thesis: Observing Body and Clothes

In my thesis I explore the relation between the body and clothing. My focal point is on placing them in different model situations: Using clothing as a second skin to the body. Manipulating the body’s form and function with clothing. Making the body disappear through dressing, and clothing separate from the body. Through these categories I am looking at various approaches of contemporary artists and fashion designers who have shared a similar vision or had an intriguing take on the subject.

Bachelor Textile & Fashion

Full Time

Part Time