Biljana Kanevche

Project: The True Cinderella Story (video)

In my last works I am depicting my personal experience of the contemporary surrounding which is a result of a complex compromise between two essentially different cultures (one is my original cultural background and the other one is the present context in the Netherlands). This transition could be simply described as 'murder of utopias'. The story of Cinderella stands as a symbol for those romantic ideals and is in contrast with the rhythm of everyday life, the feeling of being trapped in an artificially constructed reality, the repetitiveness, the absurd...

Thesis: Art and the Macedonian identity crisis

In my thesis I discuss few examples from the art scene in former Yugoslavia and present Republic of Macedonia, all of which deal with the issues of national, ethnic and social identity. What lead me to this topic is my strong interest in that meeting point between art and sociopolitical issues. The first two examples I discuss are art projects supported and devised by a particular government and the third chapter discusses more independent art examples. The main questions are: How the Macedonian identity crisis finds expression in art? What is the role of art in the age of identity crisis?