Birte Veenkamp

Project: Agree / Akkoord

Terms and services: you can’t avoid them if you want to use a “free” digital service. Are we the last generation who actually knows what privacy means? Sweaters based on the terms and services of different multinationals these days.

Thesis: Datacollecting / Dataverzameling

Data are being collected by enterprises (businesses), as well as by the government and the security services. These data are being combined and analysed. After that, predictions are made. Predictions connected to people like you and me! Doing so, we are put into "boxes" by narrow minded people. Labels are pasted on human beings! We are being dehumanised. This may lead into the future to the deprive of our services and rights. Slowly, the community will change to a place where you can and will be condemned even before you have done anything wrong. Wrongfully accused! Instead of being proved guilty, you have to prove that you are innocent! That is against my principles. I want to sabotage this system and react on it by giving an opposite opinion to this relatively small group of data collectors who are in power now. We can do this by disrupting the system and take back our controle.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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