Caitlin Sas

Project: Anders kijken (A different look)

For some time I have been fascinated by albinism, a well-known condition to many but understood by few. When I looked into albinism more, I learned that this condition isn't only about appearance. The combination of a striking appearance, poor vision and photophobia inspired me even more to learn more about people with albinism and to portray them. Along with them I would like to raise awareness about this condition and show the beauty of the people with albinism. These all come together in the book entitled 'Anders kijken’, which translates to 'A different look'.

Thesis: Gezonde fotografie (Healthy photography)

Een onderzoek naar hoe fotografie gebruikt kan worden om aandoeningen en ziektes onder de aandacht te brengen. ( A researchproject on how photography can be used as the medium to bring disorders and diseases to the attention.)

Bachelor Photography

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