Cindy Meeldijk

Project: Mavrovo Research Center (IA) // Mourn-ring (IST)

Mavrovo Research Center (MRC) //
The Mavrovo Research Center is situated in the artificial lake of Mavrovo Nature Park. A Centre that facilitates a symbiose between art and science. Here, the artist and scientist can work and dwell together in the different positioned units around the old St. Nicolas Church which because of a dam is periodically flooded. By this the approach and experience of visitors is constantly transforming.

Mourn-ring(De rouwring) - presence in absence //
The loss of a loved one is one of the most radical emotional happenings in live. Mourning is our guideline to handle this loss. Memories and expectations are reconsidered and reconnected to new persons and objects. By shaping your own mourn ring (rouwring), you create a personal ritual.

Thesis: The Antropology of Commemoration

By writing short interpretations about visited cemeteries, this thesis portrays an image of our western way to commemorate loss by form. A personal search for the anthropologic value of physical solace.