Erik Muusse

Project: 'A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier'

The last few years the Internet and social media have become a serious threat for dictators and their countries ruled by propaganda. All these changes which have been going on for the last few years posses the following questions: how extreme could political propaganda become in order to avoid a revolution? What kind of technology could dictators resort to in order to stay in power and prevent revolutions from happening in their own country?

Thesis: Western political propaganda & manipulation

Even though the word ‘propaganda’ seems to be an old concept that isn’t relevant anymore in contemporary time, the fact is that it is currently used more than ever. In my thesis I do research on all the different manipulation techniques, how western political propaganda developed through time and how it is currently used. I also researched the change modern technology brought in the use of political propaganda and what consequences this had for western society.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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