Sebastian Frisch

Project: Biophonic Garden

Biophonic garden uses an laboratory setup to make an dialogue between plants perceptible to the human ears. Sprouted corn seeds are arranged in a grid, which is situated in a container with water. The underwater environment is picked up by microphones, which allow visitors to listen to a dialogue of young corn plants. While the plant roots are submerged in water, a constant tone of 220 hertz is played into the water and has an influence on the growing of the roots, which bend towards the sound source. The work raises questions about the communication of plants and the acoustic environment we humans life in.

Thesis: Overlapping cultures

The goal of this thesis is to find the link between artistic and scientific research to draw out ideas, about how a comprehensive research environment between the two disciplines could exist. To reach this goal, core aspects of scientific and artistic research will be analyzed and similarities and differences between the disciplines extracted. These findings will form the basis of such a proposed research environment. My relation to the topic and my research methodology serves as a practical example for an interdisciplinary research strategy. In the end I will present an established research environment between artists and scientists.

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