Gabor Roozen

Project: Verses

I believe that the earlier on in the process a designer joins a project, the more useful he or she can be. But what happens when a designer hooks up with a poet? In my project I explore this collaboration. I contacted four poets and reacted with images to newly written words and lines of texts. Afterwards the poets reacted with new words. Challenging each other in this chain-like structure, we created four new works.

Thesis: Bridges to the reader

Two people talking to each other is the most direct and interactive form of communication. Writing, however, is an indirect form and a so called ‘two-step communication’: the writer entrusts words to a piece of paper, the reader reads these words and interprets it. In my thesis I analyze how book typography can minimize the distance between text and reader by sometimes launching out to a maximum.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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