Gabriel Holysz

Project: GHBI- Gabriel Holysz Body Instituut

How does one generate energy to change patterns of creative ability?! How to leave all known paths and overcome the barrier between reality and fantasy, to be in service of passion by creating taboo-less worlds. How to counter all clichés? All this is what makes Gabriel Holysz’s projects very exciting. The creation of Gabriel Holysz Body Institute made it possible to gather all graduate lessons under one roof, also on the personal side. In order to bring taboos up for discussion the GHBody Institute will "dispower" fears. Fantasies dropped like an anchor in reality make people believe in what Gabriel Holysz believes. Their beliefs set the’ GHBI machine in motion! 


In his thesis Gabriel Holysz describes actual metric systems in order to create the abstract metric system relating to fear - with the human body as its central component. The subconscious use of existing spaces as scenography is the key to sketching the silhouette of the fantasy space user.