Gabriela Felten

Project: Work that Stands in the Way of Work

Work That Stands in the Way of Work is an installation that uses the anonymous labor of fellow artists and a video projection to illuminate a configuration of objects. Gabriela Felten is a performance, video, and installation artist. Labor, alienation and identity formation play a key role in her practice. Her work questions the conundrum of having to make life choices based solely on the need to obtain economic security. Using this inquiry as a springboard, Felten works to reveal the dynamics behind petty situations which arise at the time of making important life choices.

Thesis: Gainful Employment: An Essay on the Nature of Work

Gainful employment is the single most important factor when trying to identify the social rank of a person as a 1st or 2nd class citizen. ‘Employment’ and ‘job’ are misleading umbrella terms that obscure the operation of a hierarchical economic system which at present ranks the value of an individual based on their salary and profession or lack thereof.

Bachelor ArtScience

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