Hannah Polak

Project: Panacea

"So give me a bug and a jumping flea. Give me two snails and lizards three, and a slimy squiggler from the sea, and the poisonous sting of a bumblebee, and the juice from the fruit of a ju-jube tree, and the powdered bone of a wombat’s knee. And one hundred other things as well. Each with a rather nasty smell. I’ll stir them up, I’ll boil them long, a mixture tough, a mixture strong. And then, heigh-ho, and down it goes, a nice big spoonful, hold your nose. Just gulp it down and have no fear..." - Roald Dahl

Thesis: De waarheid in huis

A thesis about what domesticity implies to me, investigated in the decors of Twin Peaks, Mad Men and the Soprano's.

Bachelor Fine Arts
Winner Stroom Encouragement Award

Full Time

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