Jannis Karalis

Project: The Primordial

"The Primordial" is an interactive audio/visual installation exploring the fundamental elements of human nature which drive or get driven by art. Animated drawings and video loops create a space in which the user has the opportunity to navigate through intersected archetypical forms while the audio environment completes the mesmerizing experience. Karalis leads his audience into subjects such as birth, death, sexuality and violence without imposing a linear storyline. “The Primordial” invites the audience to establish their own focus shift even if they are unable to get a rational understanding of the experience.

Thesis: The Primordial

The social-evolutionary role of art through out time could be represented as a waveform of which the high values correspond to the periods when art appears to be an evolutionary catalyst and the low values, to the periods when art was just a repetitive process used to reinforce established institutions. Karalis explores three different time periods, which are all defined by an artistic explosion which came out of a universal crisis of the human kind and which contributed at a maximum level to its evolution, both biological and spiritual.

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design

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