James Edmondson

Project: Covik

Covik was designed with the goal of creating a small text family with complimentary display faces. Creating a rich typographic palette was the main design objective. How divergent could a style be while remaining kindred? In what ways could weight, width, proportion, and construction be played with in order to create a varied family? Certain styles share a common architecture that might not be apparent at first sight. For instance the lowercase a, n, and e are essentially the same in the italic and the script. In a similar fashion, the figures and capitals from the condensed style follow a more ornate construction that is heavily influenced by the roman. Of course all that similarity can get quite boring, so more expressive characters are completely different across the various styles. Covik also includes various symbols and emoji that can be used as standalone graphics, or within paragraphs. Potential applications are as manifold as the individual styles therein, so it might be helpful to consider what Covik would not be suitable for: bibles, legal documents, warranties, or directions on how to assemble something important, letters, bread maker owner’s manuals, funeral home logos, and websites. Everything else is fair game. The name “Covik” is a nonsense word that contains a healthy mix of round, vertical, and diagonal strokes. It was the first word I sketched in the script display style, and it just seemed to fit.


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