Jasmijn Jansen

Project: The Performance Church

Dance, architecture and nature fuse in the ruins of St. Dunstan in the East, originally designed by architect Christopher Wren. Wren’s application of the golden ratio in his proportion system determines the dimensions of the added plateaus. These act as stairs, walkways, stands and stages for the freely performing dancers, with the church as a backdrop. Time and movement of dancers and visitors affect the different materials of the venues, which develop their own character by weathering and decay. Mould Tableware As a designer, I use the influence of time and nature on materials. I control but accept nature as my co-designer. In this collection of tableware, mould symbolizes the beauty of the ephemeral.

Thesis: Decay as a Design Tool

In our society, we are faced with the desire to overcome ageing. But old age and decay can also be regarded as positive, both physically, as well in architecture. In my thesis I research the various ways in which designers can work with this.