Jelleke van der Wijst

Project: Dynamic Art Space / Portable Memory

Dynamic Art Space [interior]
Dynamic Art Space is a cultural public square that contains several exhibition units in and around the Saint-Joseph Artisan church, Paris. These units can be connected to each other by opening and closing different wall sections. This way, new interspaces are created, that continue to form new relations to each other thereby fading the boundary between interior and exterior.

Portable Memory [IST]
Precious personal objects become valuable because of memories that are associated with them. By carrying these memories you ensure that familiar and safe feelings are always with you. As abstract images, these memories are attached to daily using-products.

Thesis: Recognition of the Existing: the Connection with a Place

A movement of architectural scale: from global to local, which allows for a better connection of the architecture with the existing environment. The individuality of a place is determined by memory and recognition, ensuring that we do not ignore the already existing environment but rather use it. This way, new architecture can make a valuable connection with a place.