Jeroen van Diesen

Project: 16 Pages and an Angry Young Man

16 Pages and an Angry Young Man is a project which ventilates modern time frustrations with todays society. Taking found imagery and seemingly meaningless quotes, 16 Pages and an Angry Young Man puts these two together and places them out of their usual context. Creating an awareness over the important and insignificant imagery which we are confronted with in daily life, but are seemingly immune for today. 16 Pages and an Angry Young Man provides an environment where you are forced to choose between the different subjects and images. Simultaneously providing the option of keeping it with you forever.

Thesis: Design Is Quite Meaningless

Design Is Quite Meaningless explores the intricate relations between different design elements which are of influence to the viewer. This research categorizes the basic elements within a design and the communication that takes place within the surrounding elements. Asking how the identity of the viewer, is brought into account. This awareness of the ‘viewer’ should be at the base of every design, enabling the designer to become the ultimate mediator of form, space, and viewer.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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