Jet Smits

Project: LC environment & Liquid Lattice

Liquid crystals are a physical substance able to translate digital data to visual images. While many households use liquid crystals in their most conventional form; the LCD screen, I aim to use the unique qualities of this material in different aesthetic ways. The Technical University in Delft allowed me to do a residency, which enabled me to do more extensive research into the behaviors and aesthetic qualities of this material. This research lead me to create a live­ installation and an abstract video piece utilizing liquid crystals.

Thesis: LC environment

With the question where data becomes sensorial for the first time, I stranded in the world of Liquid Crystal Research (LCR). Inspired by the ephemeral dynamics of Liquid Crystallinity I started a research in how I could take this material out of the laboratory and use it in my Art. This Paper sketches out this research during my Master Artscience.

Master ArtScience

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