Jikke de Gruijter

Project: De Loop der Tijd

When I was 7 years old, my dad became wheelchair-dependent. We couldn’t do the things fathers and daughters do anymore, which made me angry and sad. I would rather crawl deep under the covers than help my dad put on his shoes. If I didn't want to help him, I'd run upstairs where he couldn't reach me. These angry thoughts made me feel ashamed of myself, so I never shared them with anyone else. By telling my story I want to create a platform in which I can help parents and their children to talk about changes in family relationships.

Thesis: Onderdeel

'Onderdeel' is a research of how artists can be personally involved with the subject of their works. I was always told that it was a habit of mine to be too personal, and I had to back off to make a good project. Thanks to this thesis I know that is not true, you just have to know how to put your feelings into the right image and take a bit of distance once in a while.

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Dutch Doc Award