John Fanning

Project: HonestyBullshitHonestly: Deconstucting the Methods of International Art English

In line with his thesis about descriptive English writing about art, Fanning will be presenting the launch of the new company “EZ-IAE” (EZ International Art English) which aims to help curators, galleries, artists and those who write descriptions about art and artists’ lives easier. During the graduation exhibition at the KABK, EZ-IAE invites the public to participate in descriptively describing works from the graduates using their introductory example/test form. To use one of their slogans: You too can write like a curator!

Thesis: HonestyBullshitHonestly: An exploration of contemporary art, the English language and the obfuscation of clear communication

For about a year John Fanning has been researching the way that art and artists are described to the public through writing. This means the texts used by galleries and museums (e.g. wall texts next to artists’ work), in catalogs of exhibitions, biennales, auctions and so on. The globalized nature of art means that the lingua franca is English, though in the art world the kind of English used is nearly its own dialect. Fanning has been attempting to find the methods, patterns, particularities and failures behind this ‘dialect’ and his thesis “HonestyBullshitHonestly” explores this topic.

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