Jolien Verduijn

Project: Dread: the Despair of Finity and Infinity

The term 'dread' (literally: to be apprehensive at) is an elusive fear arising in different forms. This overwhelming fear of what might happen, nourishes itself by technological change and the speed at which this occurs. The words ‘apprehensive’, ‘imperceptible’, ‘inevitable’, ‘limitation’ and ‘pervasive’ describe dread. Not only the literal meaning, but mainly by the uncomfortable, the elusive and alienation in the visualizations. These visualizations arise from different aspects and consequences of dread; the desire for security and privacy, mortality, improvement of man and the growth of fear.

Thesis: Maybe it’s not so crazy to be a little crazy

- About art, therapy, and art therapy - A disorder can stimulate creativity, but creativity can also help in dealing with the disorder. And that is exactly what this paper is about. After a definition of what art is and what features art for the artist ánd the spectator has, I research which artists, who have a obsessive-compulsive disorder, autism or a trauma, use their work as therapy and the ways in which that happens.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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