Jonathan Reus

Project: Satellite Skin

Satellite Skin is a sound machine inspired by the utopian beliefs we place into communications technologies to eliminate distance and bring people closer. Using abandoned communications techniques developed at MIT in the 1990’s, the work uses two platforms to transmit electrostatic signals through the bodies of those who sit on top of them. When two people sitting on the platforms come close or touch, a pathway is formed between them for signals to flow from a microphone to a loudspeaker. Collaborating with dancers, musicians, and performance artists, a number of performances have been made for the system and will be presented during the graduation expo.

Thesis: A Return to the Senses

The tensions between technologies and the sensing body, discussed extensively in media art and electronic music circles for decades, has become a prominent issue in the general scape of 21st century world culture through the ubiquity of communications technologies and increasing efforts to use the logic of engineering to address the needs of the senses. This text discusses utopian desires for bodily presence and contact using ideas from cognitive neuroscience, affect theory, sound art, historic movements in electronic music, and the artist's own work and research.

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