Julian Kleyn

Project: Visualising Global Conflicts: A New Symbology

Even with organisations like the UN, one of the problems of resolving conflicts around the world is the lack of insights in these problems. An universal symbology which effectively communicates such conflicts, would enable a better understanding of complex international events. With this in mind, I have designed a symbology set for the general public. This can visualize multiple aspects, such as location, activity, timespan and intensity, in a single map. It provides both a better overview and more specific information of a conflict.

Thesis: Military Cartographic Symbols

The military employs an extensive system of symbols to identify and communicate the situation on the battlefield. Vital data must be quickly and efficiently communicated through a visual language. As a graphic designer I find this visual language fascinating and it seems it is often overlooked. Therefore I have researched the origins and the development of military iconographic systems. In addition of looking at the past, I have also considered the needs and demands of the future.

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