Katarína Máliková

Project: Unknown choice of memory

We are all defined by our memories which can be visual, acoustic, linguistic and emotional. When we try to remember a situation, it soon becomes a collage of our fragmented internal memories mixed together with our actual imagery and other unrelated images from our memories. It is often difficult to know which source is used by our mind, what comes from our actual memory and what comes from our daily visual imagery. In fact, there is no distinction between memory and imagination.

Thesis: Memory plays us

Memory is a very unstable and continuously rewritten phenomenon. Autobiographical memory is a main factor of shaping our personalities. My thesis aimed to tackle both issues. I discovered through research that we cannot choose what we remember or forget. As a result we cannot consciously control the construction of our personality through memories. However, the unreliability of memory shows us also that we do not have to connect and identity with our personality based on these memories either.

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