Laura de Jong

Project: Catering de Jong

Through my work I emphasize the importance of the spectator. By making use of installations in which recognizable situations or everyday objects are used, I seek to create new experiences of something commonly existing. Resulting in an unreal setting in which the participation of the viewer is triggered. As the spectator takes part in the artwork, they subconsciously become part of the work.

Thesis: (zonder) actie (geen) reactie

The importance of the spectator in relation to the artwork and the artist. His presence evokes interaction but not always in an active way. The moment that artwork are presented outside of the white cube, the public is confronted with the artist. The spectators are the ones that make the artwork, the relation between the viewer, the work and the artist change. What are the consequences of this modification and how does this influence the participation of the spectator?

Bachelor Fine Arts

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