Leslie Nagel

Project: Making faces

I make things because I live. I stay true to myself. The constructions and sculptures I make are about moments that I’ve experienced. An entire spectacle can occur in a tiny gesture. Pay attention! It might only last a moment, it might be too slow or too quick to observe. I collect different materials, plastics, foils, rope, wood, and polystyrene because I’m interested in how they react to my manipulation of them. Sometimes I find these materials in the springs of a mattress or a sieve; in all sorts of objects thrown away. I explore what happens when my findings are flattened, stretched, twisted, or otherwise contorted. I explore the possibilities of the material. I work with material in movement and often use motors that swing, sway, tremble, and undulate the material. I try to understand the language of each material, to try to speak in that language and to exploit its characteristics. With movement comes sound, and this plays an important role in my work such as: squeaking, grinding, tapping, shocking, cracking, rocking. Images and constructions are formed through my experiments with this personal collection. But I also use personal experiences to lead me, to give me an idea of where I’m headed. Like in the work, Making faces, a construction in which a slowly changing face is shown. This work derived from watching a child with two teeth eating, and feeling my own face emulating is movements. It’s the same emulating that I felt when seeing the moving sieve face.

Thesis: Machines in de kunst

Bachelor Fine Arts

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