Lilian van Daal

Project: BIOMIMICRY: 3D printed soft seat

BIOMIMICRY: 3D PRINTED SOFT SEAT (2014) is the graduation project of designer Lilian van Daal. The production and assembly process of soft seating (couches) is normally far from sustainable: it is made from various materials prepared for assembly in different factories. It is also difficult to recycle the various parts. With BIOMIMICRY: 3D PRINTED SOFT SEAT Lilian van Daal thought of a new concept to make the production of soft seating more sustainable through 3D printing. In nature many structures are to be found that man is not able to produce. 3D printing however does make it possible to reproduce these complex structures. In this way a product can be created from one material in one factory, although it has the properties of various materials. Pollution caused by transport can be minimized and the product is completely recyclable. The first working prototype has been made possible by 3D Systems Benelux.


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