Liz Klaver

Project: 3-2-1 FOCUS!

Museum visitors spend an average of two seconds looking at a work of art and eight seconds reading the wall text. This shows that our focus is lost when we are in an exhibition space. We often just wander. But what if we are given a starting point; one approach on which we can focus. Can this way of looking gives us different experiences in the same exhibition?

Thesis: Copy, paste and save in the brain

Our unconscious gives us a feeling, one that seems like it is suddenly there. A mystery that plays such a big role in our lives. But where does this feeling comes from? Our intuition lies behind the process, the process of gathering knowledge, saving it and then recalling it at the moment when it is shaped into a new form. All data that our unconscious saves is a source. An inexhaustible source that is amplified daily.

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