Lorena van Bunningen

Project: Objects are notes

While searching, are we then looking for something we already know? And while searching for something unknown, how do we know what to look for? I am interested in the framework wherein valuable things are produced unintentionally. The project arose from observations of my daily environment, the material world and our relationship with it. I am fascinated by the way daily objects tell us a story in how they are unintentionally arranged. This is the starting point of my research. How can we use the power of the unexpected instead of striving for a neatly planned product?

Thesis: What we find should not be what we are searching for

About the process of discovering and the value of the unexpected in a creative process. What is chance? How can we deliberately disrupt ourselves in our creative process and how can this contribute to our outcomes? While searching for something, an unpredictable result can lead to new insights. The thesis consists of six essays. They all can be read individually in any kind of order.

Bachelor Photography
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