Lynn van Asperen

Project: I'm here to improve myself / I'm here to be myself

Psychologist William James believes that the deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. Within a social environment, expectations can pressure us into applying an adaptive identity to appeal to a specific preset of socially accepted behavioral patterns. 'I’m here to improve myself / I’m here to be myself' is about my struggle to comply with the expectations of my surroundings on the one hand and my battle against these expectations on the other hand. I am convinced that it is our flaws, uncommon behavior and neurotic traits that make us human.

Thesis: Happiness is no art

In today’s society mental disorders are seen as a deviation from ideal mental health. The question is if these deviations aren’t simply character traits which define us to who we are. In my thesis I examined how filmmaker Lars von Trier used these psychological deviations for his own benefit regarding his work.