Maartje de Groot

Project: The new storyteller

I have stepped in the field, I have played my own part. I have lost what I had, I have learned to be smart. In this installation I want to engage the viewer in a new way of storytelling. We have neglected our tradition to tell stories in our society. I therefore want to give stories a new life, which results in a projection of shapes, sounds and colors. This installation tells us a new story that provokes to tell it again.

Thesis: In strange times, when wishes still came true…

This thesis answers questions about the importance of fairytales and in what way we can best tell these stories. Fairytales are worth more than we nowadays think, because fairytales are the only stories that focus on our consciousness, unconsciousness and sub consciousness. The love for fairytales awakens the fire of our imagination. To tell a story from the inside out makes the event of storytelling intimate and a moment that will never be the same again.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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