Maud van Halbeek

Project: Shuffle - Composing the path of life, introducing art.

For many people, art is not a significant part in their lives. This design initiates a relation between art and daily life. Local crafts in the urban space of Lisbon are temporarily replaced by performances. The craftsman is approached as an artist, and receives a temporarily stage in the Igreja Do Carmo. This way, the church becomes a meeting place for different artists, visitors and crafts. By staging these encounters, a space is developed where art becomes a part of daily life again. [IST] Phrasing the City A city may be compared to a piece of music: it is a composition of various tensions. When some of these tension areas take the upper hand, the music turns into a cacophony. To bring back the dynamic of a good music composition, there is a need of breathing spaces. These designed breathing spaces provide us with the necessary rest so the composition of the city is in balance again.

Thesis: A Dance through Space. Movement as Dance, Architecture as Choreography

A search for the bonding factor between experience, form and function in architecture. Space and movement are the elements that form this, but movement cannot be designed, it can only be suggested through the design of space. A dance is the product of choreography and by looking at space as choreography the movement through space becomes a dance. It is the search for the ultimate choreography.