Max Peeperkorn

Technological Accelerator

Project: That what is next, is already here.

Technological Acceleration is a constant inevitable force. Ever since the invention of the stone spearhead, technology has developed at a slowly, but increasingly accelerating pace. At this very moment, the influence of technology on us is starting to exceed our ability to influence technology. Now that we have become aware of this phenomena we can choose how to deal with it. We can either embrace it and speed up the acceleration or we can hold it off and slow it down. The question is what happens if we embrace all technology and drive the acceleration to the extreme?

Thesis: The Harmony of Nature, Men & Technology

I have a dread for a fading connection with nature. In the near future, our society will become virtual and we will be completely dependent on technology. Is it really a negative development? The virtual world gives us an infinite sandbox with endless possibilities. However, we are still connected to our bodies. The processes of the virtual and the physical are not necessarily compatible. We try to stretch the length of the day and ignore our nature in favour of ubiquitous technology.

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