Mechteld van Dijk

Project: In search of the Wanderer

Are we still capable of living our lives intuitive, without specified goals, following our impulses? It seems to me that we are growing further and further away from a spontaneous life. In constant dialogue with materials and space, I built intuitive installations, objects and images. My final work will be build out of isolation materials: glass wool, jute and polyurethane. It will represent a romantic garden as a metaphor for the world we live in: were you can wander and will suffer when you are not able to adapt.

Thesis: “Designed to be deleted, but essential to me”

Starting with a collection of exposition texts I explored my possible interpretation of these texts. This resulted in an artist book and statement. During this process I wondered how these exposition texts could be interpreted in general and what this means to me as an artist. The second part of my thesis gives an answer to that question.

Bachelor Fine Arts

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Part Time


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