Merijn Koelink

Project: Most Efficient

New LED technology is slowly replacing conventional streetlights. These so-called ‘efficient’ and ‘durable’ lights shine in a new range of colours. The government sees this new spectrum as the way forward. The choice for these new streetlight solutions is based on political and economical viewpoints. This immediately influences the colour we see around us at night. Because of these ‘efficient’ and ‘durable’ labels, the new colours seem free from debate, but they render the night in a new way. This changes our perception of public spaces and our relationship to them. These spaces feel emotionally different.

Thesis: 365 X Kleur

My thesis was a research on the use and the control of colour within architecture, public space and photography. In the introduction I examine colour scientifically. The next step is to look at the correlation between colour and identity, marketing, psychologically and emotion. I then look at the correlation of colour and architecture - what happened in the past and what lies ahead in the future. I end my thesis with the use of colour in photography, and how it works as a communicator.

Bachelor Photography

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