Moritz Alive

Project: Train of life Test

In the quest of following our dreams, individuals of the current generation are often lost. Especially when it comes to the choice of work, they are filled with desperations and plagued with status anxiety, and are ultimately lead back to questions like “Who am I?”, “What are my goals?” and “Where am I going?”. Having those questions already answered and furthermore expressed in a bunch of simple words is inevitable neccesary. We are going into a future world where one will have less and less the chance to present oneself as a living person in the first place, and thus for employers, goverments, counselors, social networks, education institutions and other (non-)people to help you on your way. Thanks however to our methodology of the train-of-life test you’ll be able to receive a pre-packaged identity, fully equipped and loaded with answers to those difficult questions burdening you!

Thesis: Today I’ll become an idiot. The dampened self and the possibilities of dialogue.

Personal essay, reflecting on difficulties to understand the time we live in. Different aspects such as changes in communication and pressure for succes are looked to construct a possibility of a general absence of dialogue. This results in a lacking present awareness and future perspective, visible in politics, the arts and the sciences.

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