Nazanin Karimi

Project: We need to talk about others

During the research for my thesis, I learned about the notion of “otherness”, a phenomenon that can be both beneficial and harmful to the society. Societal groups define parts of their identities by referring to their differences with other communities. Otherness can be harmful when we lose our connection to the “other” ones. Otherness is also harmful when it is used as a propaganda strategy. In this project I share my personal experience and try to create a debate on the phenomenon of “otherness”.

Thesis: Unravelling the manipulated reality

Propaganda and persuasion are long-existing methods of manipulation. In my thesis, “Unraveling Manipulated Realities”, I have studied different characteristics and methods of manipulation of information and realities by authorities and the media. My research was an attempt to compose a method for decoding false and engineered information for the audience. The conclusion is a visual language that employs metaphor and ambiguity to decipher manipulated realities.

Bachelor Graphic Design

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