Nika Volkova

Project: De-composition

The performative installation articulated with three types of auditory media: vocal, instrumental and the narrative, exploring boundaries of inner and outer contemplation. The initial integrity of the subject is to be subsequently disintegrated and reassembled into a new order. The following mental sequence, being a result of complex and simple artistic dialogues comes together in an algorithm of transversal lines and circumferences. At this point, the participatory experience becomes personal, in context of the environmental prohibitions and reflections.

Thesis: Lower senses art in therapeutic field

Entire experience into which art flows, the issue of liberty itself, of the expansion of the individual's consciousness, of the return to the other senses, which finally is what we have as weapons of direct, perceptual, participatory knowledge, is revolutionary in the total sense of behavior. The research question of my thesis is based on difference between "lower" (smell, taste, touch) and "higher" (vision, hearing) senses, its physical qualities and reason why classical aesthetics have denied the artistic potential of the lower and banished their experiences into a realm of the merely pleasant sensations.

Bachelor Fine Arts

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