Olya Oleinic

Project: Universal guide to everything

Universal Guide to Everything is my meditation on the dazzling noise of visuals and data that we are exposed to every day. We’re told what others think we should know, where we should go, and how to think about the world around us. Through billboards, computer monitors, television and shopping shelves we absorb a message — a message that commercial society needs to push onto us to survive. It doesn’t matter how meaningless it is: it becomes a part of us anyway. It’s normal now. Most of us have never lived in a world without it. Universal Guide to Everything demonstrates this overload of commodities – both physical and mental – in the 21st century. For months I’ve been assembling and illustrating the most popular “HOW-TO” searches on internet, fashioning an item from each and every one of them. The result is a massive collection of unrelated images and articles that together represent the never-ending clutter which I am drowning in. They pose themselves as items which can make your life better, when in reality they fill your head with yet more noise. How to loose weight. How to care for orchids. How to read palms. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Fulfil the dream. Learn “HOW-TO” do anything you might have never thought of doing.

Thesis: In the time of our mediated lives