Phylicia Kok-Sey-Tjong


Theatre of light
A church in Middelburg named Oostkerk will be transformed into an experience full of light. The result will be a light show with daylight during the day and artificial light in the evening. The church as a stage and a permanent installation of seasonal vertical moving canvas panels are the elements that artists in residence use to direct the spectacle of light.

Material daylight
Fascinated by the non physical, versatility and volatile of daylight, I’m planning to fix this ubiquitous phenomenon captured in image and time. You see difference in brightness during the day, weeks and seasons. By observing these differences one become aware of daylight as a source of life.

Thesis: Affected by daylight

Daylight in architecture transforms the experience of a person of the space. The designer explores the light in combination with form, material and color to strengthen the quality of daylight to a sensory experience. The functionality of architecture is transcended by daylight sensory experience. My thesis explores this immaterial design tool.

Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

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