Qing Liao

Project: I am my surroundings

Based on my research, five flexible interior systems are offered. Urban nomads could choose and develop any system or the individual mixture of them, as a result, the customised interior surroundings, as their invariable ‘home’ anywhere, to better express their identity, daily routine and bodily behaviour.

Thesis: I am my surroundings

Due to the increasing nomadic and solitary conditions of contemporary urban life, travelling people often feel the house they are currently living in is always like a stranger who never knows who they are and what they need. Those are the moments in which they miss their home, the place that understands their every unique body language. There, they are free to behave as they wish. This thesis addresses the natural coherence between a human’s spirit and the space in which the body dwells. Based on the aforementioned observations I have chosen the sentence ‘I am my Surroundings’, which is both an analysis of how people deal with their surroundings, and an invitation to improve those dealings. Within this theme I focus on the relationships between space and these three aspects: Identity, Daily routine and Bodily behavior. The first-hand investigation in this thesis is the study on the usage of their personal living space by five international students living in the Netherlands for nearly two years. How the surroundings of typical groups of urban nomads and their physical existences affect each other provide effective reference for the MANUAL I created, which aims to turn urban nomads’ surroundings into their ‘home’, in as many locations as possible.

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